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Three documentaries shot in Borneo

Tewet, le Dayak aux mille grottes


[Tewet, the last keeper of Borneo]


In Borneo, the dismay of a swallow nest hunter faced with the forest disaster and the end of the swallows. But, well hidden in some caves, Tewet is incubating another treasure, which could help his community .

DVD-5, Pal, Français + Anglais


TÉLÉRAMA 22 february 2014

TT Known for his discoveries of rock art on the Indonesian island, the French speleologist, explorer and documentary filmmaker relays the distress of his friend Tewet through a vibrant film, Intense. He has ventured between jungle, mangrove and underground galleries in search of a lasting solution to the survival of the indigenous people. What if this grandiose, almost mystical nature concealed other unsuspected treasures? - Eléonore Colin

• 2016 Best Cultural Heritage Film, Festival Arkhaios (USA)


A film by Luc-Henri Fage | Image Roland Théron, Luc-Henri Fage | Music Michel Pascal | Editing Anne Buxerole | Commentary read by Mathieu Barbier | Produced with the help of France Télévision (Faut pas rêver) and Planète + Thalassa, and with the help of FODACIM, a fund for mountain cinema | A Dociside/Félis co-production © 2013

Bornéo, la mémoire des grottes


(Borneo, memory of the caves)


Directed by Luc-Henri Fage

Scientific advisor Jean-Michel Chazine (CNRS)

2004, duration 53 mn, video format.

Co-production ARTE/MC4/LHFage

Broadcast ARTE France and Germany, Channel 5 Italy.


Images Jérôme Pavlovsky, Luc-Henri Fage, Eymeric Bernard, Pierre Boccanfuso - assistant Serge Caillault - sound Patrick Mauroy - music Michel Pascal - editing Pierre Boccanfuso CNRS Maison Asie-Pacifique - commentary read by Mathieu Barbier - mixing Vincent Huré - With the participation of Pindi Setiawan & Julien Espagne.



- Prize for the best speleological documentary film, Castellana Grotte Festival, Italy, 2005.


- Prize for the best popular science film, International Archaeology Film Festival, Brussels, 2005.


- Special Jury Prize, Archaeology Film Festival, Bordeaux, 2006


- Grand Prix of the CINARCHEA Festival 2006 (Kiel, Germany)

DVD-5, Pal, Français, Allemand,

subtitles anglais


An extraordinary scientific adventure, told by the protagonists themselves: the discovery of an unpublished cave art, more than 10,000 years old, through a dozen missions in the jungle and caves of Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), led by speleologist Luc-Henri Fage, CNRS archaeologist Jean-Michel Chazine and their Indonesian partner Pindi Setiawan.


These exceptional discoveries reveal a culture forgotten by all, lost in a labyrinth of limestone peaks.  They could shed new light on the settlement processes between Asia and Australia...

À la découverte des grottes ornées de Bornéo


(Discovering the decorated caves of Borneo)

Where it is told how, by dint of stubbornness, luck and intuition, a speleologist and an archaeologist, researcher at the CNRS, find the thread to go back in time in the lost caves in the heart of Borneo, the third island of the planet, and virgin of any archaeological research.


A story that Indiana Jones would have loved, with all the ingredients of an authentic adventure and a meticulous scientific investigation, which leads our two heroes to share the daily life of the Dayak and Punan, the natives of the great forest of Borneo, to brave the rapids, to sweat blood and water on the uncomfortable trails, to infiltrate underground passages with walls lined with spiders and snakes, to discover cemetery caves and amazing prehistoric paintings, where the hands of our ancestors send them, over the centuries, friendly and enigmatic greetings ...

Directed by Luc-Henri Fage

Scientific advisor Jean-Michel Chazine (CNRS)


1996, duration 53 mn, Betacam SP video format. Coproduction France 3, Gedeon, Luc-Henri Fage.


Editing Pierre Boccanfuso, Music Michel Pascal. Images Pierre Boccanfuso, Tanguy Thuaud, Luc-Henri Fage.


Broadcast France 5, National Geographic Channel.



- Prize for the best scientific adventure, Festival Jules Verne Aventure, Paris, 1997


- Prize for the best picture, Festival du film aventure et découverte, Val d'Isère, 1998.

DVD-5, Pal, Français



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