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Hanyo Diterbitkan

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176 pages, format 24 x 31 cm,
reliure et jaquette couleur,
plus de 350 photos et illustrations.

ISBN 978-2-84975-147-3

FAGE éditions, 2009.

Prix 35 €

Disponible en librairies
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"This book results from a double adventure, that lived the team formed by Luc-Henri Fage explorer and archaeologist Jean-Michel Chazine. Discovering a painted cave in 1988 in the jungles of Borneo, Fage leads Chazine. Will follow from 1992 to 2007, a series of explorations carried out in a difficult environment for access, which will uncover a half-dozen archaeological sites of great value, including the first cave paintings of the region, revealing the diversity of prehistoric populations.
Richly illustrated and very easy reading this book let you discover a mural art of it is five to ten thousand years, totally unknown. But the scientific discoveries goes far beyond the mere compilation or recurring debate about the meaning of these signs and drawings. The Indonesian peninsula has played a decisive role in the expansion of the human species to the Pacific.
Connected to the mainland during the glacial periods, the Indonesian archipelago is indeed the vital crossing point to Australia, and the starting point of the conquerors of the islands Pacific.
By opening a new chapter on archaeological territory previously uncharted territory because of his hostility, Fage and Chazine also completed a page previously blank in the ledger of history of Homo sapiens."

Sylvestre Huet, Libération, 20-21 february 2010
see the PDF, or the paper on liberation.fr

Cafés Géographiques

"The adventure book is therefore a great archaeological story, and keeps alive the great tradition of geographical exploration. As is further illustrated with beautiful photographs, Borneo, Memory of the caves is certainly destined to become a classic that is often open and to which reference will be made longer."

Christophe Gauchon (université de Savoie),
Cafés Géographiques, 13 mars 2010
voir le texte complet sur le site

National Geographic France

"Luc-Henri Fage, documentarist filmmaker and caver, began his adventure in Borneo caves in 1988. He had no idea then that this search would continue for nearly twenty years and eleven expeditions (see #071 NGM, August 2005). Very quickly, the ethnoarcheologist Chazine Jean-Michel (CNRS) has joined him. Over the trips, the two men have photographed and studied the paintings of 1900-plus negative hands and drawings of the forgotten people who lived there, there are over 10,000 years. The book they have published not only recounts these discoveries, but also the memories of their expeditions in the mountains so difficult to access. Written as a travelogue, richly illustrated with hundreds of photos, maps and diagrams, this book is to put in the hands of anyone interested in scientific and human adventure."

Céline Lison, mars 2010
voir le PDF

France Info

Luc-Henri Fage, invité de la chronique des aventuriers, de Régis Picard, le 20 février 2010.

Régis Picard
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France Inter

Jean-Michel Chazine et Luc-Henri Fage invité de l'émission "La Tête au carré"le 28 avril 2010, émission animée par Mathieu Vidard.

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